5 Bathroom Designs to Modernise Your Home

Modern Bathroom Design With Double Sink

Your bathroom should be designed such that it becomes your daily paradise after work. Modernisation of home can be characterised by any positive changes to the house in general or to specific house items. The bathroom is an essential part of every home. In fact, it’s one place that you keep visiting daily. Creativity in the room can significantly increase the value and look of your home.

Making new changes to the washroom can be a significant step in modernising the entire house. Below are some of the ways you can modernise your house through bathroom designs.

Create a Simplified Design, Freestanding Bathtubs Design or Tiled-Wall Design

As much as designs continue to erupt daily, there are simple changes you can adapt to your bathroom and make it outstanding. In this particular design, let the floor have an excellent appearance, you can achieve that with the installation of tiles on it.

Additionally, tiles can be fixed on the walls to improve the appearance of the room. Then on one side, adjust a mirror that runs from the floor to the ceiling of the room. Also, the design should include installation of hang up frames with stylish prints on it.

In this simplistic design, you can include flower pots painted in a bright colour in case the room is spacious enough. Moreover, the modern design of the bathroom that allows for unlimited flexibility of bathtub and bathing posture will be more preferable. You can hire services of Bespoke Bathrooms Solutions to design and install your home’s luxury bathrooms in Sheffield area: they offer a wide range of alternative designs.

Eco-Friendly Design

Design the bathroom in a way that makes it nature-friendly. In fact, incorporating green world in your designing is a great feature that gives your place an attractive appearance. For instance, having fresh plants will take your room to another level.

Additionally, the room will get a more lively appearance. Thus, it gets more enjoyable to use. Have a solar panel heating system. In fact, you can use the energy to heat the entire house using proper mechanisms.

Change the Hardware Components

Designing the bathroom may also be enhanced by updating the current components in it. For instance, there are various essential components you can change such as the bathtub, sinks and so on. One of the modern ways of improving the bathroom is by purchasing well-designed bathroom cabinets.

These cabinets come with a sink on top and a connection point so that you can incorporate and connect it to the drainage system. You can also change the bathroom curtains top make the appearance better. Furthermore, painting the bathroom with unique and attractive design patterns can also serve as a supplement to great designing.

Add an Entertainment System

The shower room is a place to take a bath to maintain body hygiene. However, an excellent design should also look beyond the physical comfort of the room to add extra features. Thus, installing Bluetooth speakers in the bathroom can modernise the bathroom. In fact, the room is supposed to offer high levels of relaxation.

With this kind of design, the bathroom can quickly transform to one of the stress reliever section of your house. However, you should ensure that the speakers are waterproof so that you don’t have to keep worrying about them.

Top Questions to ask a Bathroom Fitter

bathroom fitter
What questions should you ask a bathroom fitter?

Four Key Questions for Bathroom Fitters

Spending hours selecting the perfect products for your new bathroom is part of the enjoyment of a bathroom refit but getting the right bathroom fitters for the job is the most essential aspect of any bathroom renovation. Hiring a fitter is a relatively simple process but hiring the fitter who can meet your requirements is the key to having the perfection you are looking for.

Preparing yourself to get quotes

One of the pre-requisites before selecting the tradesman you wish to hire, is to consider any specialised products you may of selected or any skilled trades you need to consider. If you have quartz resin tiles, they will need a professional tiler, if you want to include some luxurious underfloor heating then you will need a suitably qualified electrician.

1. Have you got any experience with this type of product?

Every bathroom project is different. Rather than asking “Have you fitted many bathrooms?” , try asking if they have experience with the type and style of product you have chosen instead. If you have a complicated product, like the aforementioned quartz resin tile, then you would ideally want a fitter who has fitted the same type of product before.

2. Request a portfolio 

Ask the prospective bathroom fitter if they have a portfolio for you to see. They may not always have a professional, marketing style portfolio, but even a selection of images on a smartphone can give you an idea of the quality of work they produce.

Any kind of electrical work, such as new circuits, will require a qualified electrician to fit. If the project you are embarking on includes electrical work, then check your fitter has the appropriate qualifications. There are also optional qualifications for most types of building work, so any other additional certificates should be a good indicator of the quality of work this fitter produces.

3. Technical questions

One way of isolating the good from the bad is to ask technical questions. The catch with this is that you need to know the answer; you don’t want a bad fitter selling you bad workmanship. A good fitter will usually respond with technically correct answers or they’ll admit that they will have to check with the supplier.

4. Don’t limit yourself to one fitter

Try and get a broad variety of quotes, 3 or 4 should suffice, that cover all the work you require. Different bathroom fitters will charge different rates and usually will list their material costs. Cross referencing these quotes should give you an idea of a fair price and a rough idea of the materials required.

To discuss your bathroom refit project with us, please call our specialist bathroom fitters on 0114 258 6372 or alternatively, email the team at sales@bespokebathroomsolutions.co.uk.

Why Should You Renovate Your Bathroom?

A bathroom is often one of the last things that spring to mind when it comes to renovating the home. Many people like to be in and out of the bathroom, and see it more as a necessity rather than something that can be a centrepiece of the entire house. However, a fashionable and elegant looking bathroom can serve much more of a purpose than just being the room you use for bodily functions.

So, why should you choose to part with your hard-earned cash to renovate yours?

  1. House Price

Possibly the biggest advantage of renovating your bathroom is that it can dramatically increase the value of your home. Not only will it look cleaner, brighter and more modern, it can make your home stand out from the rest. How many times have you been to a hotel to be put off by the outdated showers and toilet? Imagine choosing between one potential home and another, the bathroom makes the world of difference.

  1. Design and Space

If you’re looking at this page, chances are you’re already considering a refurbishment. It’s likely that your bathroom has become old and outdated, and you’re looking for something more modern and stylish. However, it’s not only a fancy new shower head that will help you create the perfect look.

It’s amazing how much storage space a well-designed cupboard under the sink can create, and how less cluttered it can make your bathroom look. Also, lighting is vitally important. A well-lit room can create a whole different perspective on the space you already have.

We don’t expect you to be an interior design professional, but using our bespoke bathroom services, one of our experts can give you a free design and installation consultation.

  1. Functionality and Safety

In this day and age, people are becoming much more environmentally aware. There’s a number of ways your carbon footprint can be decreased in the bathroom; such as water saving fixtures, more efficient windows, and radiant flooring.

Also, safety features are becoming more advanced as time goes on. As you may know, the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house! Just some simple changes, such as slip resistant flooring and an elegant shower screen, can make the world of difference when it comes to your safety in the bathroom.

Contact us for a free consultation, and look into the option of us supplying and installing these important features.

5 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

bathroom ideasHaving a great bath in your private paradise is a great place to prepare yourself for the day and a soothing oasis to unwind after a hectic day. You can also use as your personal sanctuary anytime of the day to get away and just relax. The bathroom has a long history, with ancients perceiving it as a ritualistic place to cleanse the body and soul. Furthermore, only royalty in ancient times was allowed the luxury of accessing private bathhouses, with the others only able to access community built bathhouses. However, the notion of the modern bathroom means that anyone has the capacity to design their bathrooms anyway they want, and are thus only limited to their tastes and imagination. Here are some fantastic luxury bathroom ideas.

Dramatic Colours
Gone are the days of white and beige bathroom designs. Nowadays, especially for people who are bold enough, dramatic colours seem to be their style of choice. Black for example, which would be unheard of when it comes to bathroom designs, seems to be the most popular choice. This is because black especially goes well with dramatic lighting conditions. Having a dramatic design keeps the bathroom from being boring. Even if a bathroom is small, you should not be afraid of using dramatic colours to make it lively. The idea here is to have a small space with big ideas.
Space Saving Designs
When it comes to the bathroom, space is premium. The bathroom may not be the most spacious room in a home, but a good design may make it look bigger. However, this does not mean that you should sacrifice on your style. Saving space will involve critically analysing the layout of the bathroom before making design choices. You should then consider where to place different bathroom accessories.
Use Skylight
bathroom skylightWhen it comes to designing bathrooms, many people may ignore the fact that they can use natural lighting as their main source of illumination. Natural light from the sun can have psychological benefits. Furthermore, while it will save you on electricity, having a bathroom design that lets in sunlight is classy and has a great aesthetic impact. In addition, you may entirely decide to take your bathroom outside to fully embrace the natural light, if the place is private enough. Some of the designs may include a tempered glass enclosure.
Marbles and Stone Design
Marble and stone designs in your bath give it that contemporary and luxurious feel. While most marble and stone designs are for decorative purposes, they are also used as functional items. For example, if budget is not an issue, you can have your tub designed exclusively in a natural marble and stone design.
While tiles are the most preferred for floor and wall designs, timber is now emerging as an alternative luxurious design. Timber has the effect of enhancing the grandeur and graciousness of the bathroom. Furthermore, you can take this design further by adding timber design features in functional units such as benches, cladding and accessories among others.

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How a Bespoke Bathroom can Enhance your Home

bespoke bathroomsBathrooms aren’t always everybody’s first priority when it comes to buying or selling a house. Some people prefer to think about gardens, kitchens and halls. However, when you stop and consider it, you probably spend more time in your bathroom than any other room in your house bar your bedroom and the living room. That’s why choosing a luxury bespoke bathroom for your house could be a great decision. Not only do you have the chance of increasing your property value but you’ll have a lovely, relaxing bathroom to enjoy too. That hot bubble bath could be closer than you think!

Bespoke bathrooms are a perfect choice for older homes. Many of these were constructed before indoor plumbing was commonplace and consequently no bathroom was originally included. That means that the bathroom is often in a slightly awkward corner which can make using standard fixtures and fittings relatively difficult. A bespoke bathroom solves this problem because it’s designed specifically for the space. You’re not trying to jam mass produced fixtures and fittings into an awkward corner. This means that the finished product looks much better than anything you could assemble at your local DIY store. If you’re looking for someone to talk to about bespoke bathrooms in Sheffield then be sure to get in touch with our friendly team. Modern homes can benefit from choosing a bespoke bathroom as well. It’s a great chance for you to stamp your personality on your property.

Bespoke Bathrooms

Choosing the bespoke option gives you access to a huge range of combustible fixtures, fittings, taps and other accessories that will really help you to put your own stamp on the place. The design process is your chance to stamp your own personality on the room and make it feel like a true part of your home. Mixer taps, free standing bathtubs, unusual material options and the latest waterjet, spa and rainfall showers are just a few of the options that you’ll have to choose from when you’re designing the bathroom.

Having people working in your home can be a real drag and many people worry that when they choose a more complex bespoke option that they’ll have work going on for weeks. There’s no particular reason why a bespoke bathroom project should take any longer than an off the shelf option. What generally makes the difference is the complexity of what you’re looking for and the effectiveness of the project manager. Be sure to check out your designers and managers carefully and look for reviews from previous clients. It could save you lots of heartache and problems at a later date.

If you’re considering your options when it comes to bespoke bathrooms in Sheffield then we’d be delighted to hear from you and discuss the options. You can contact our team of bathroom design experts on 01142 586 372 or use the contact form on this website to make an enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

Peak Performance Every Time

Why Bespoke Bathroom Solutions should be your first port of call in the Peak District

By sheer accident of geography and geology, Bespoke Bathroom Solutions’ Sheffield base is half an hour’s drive away from the Peak District. Not only does it have some of the most picturesque scenery in England, it also has the UK’s oldest National Park. Its tourist attractions are within easy reach of our city, and many urban centres from Manchester to Huddersfield, Derby, and Stoke-on-Trent.

Bespoke Bathroom Solutions play a role in making one part of the Peak District a joy to behold: your bathroom.

From our base in Sheffield, we cover the whole of  Derbyshire including Glossop; Derby, the county town, a city since 1977; picturesque Buxton; also Chesterfield, noted for its crooked spire. White Peak or Dark Peak, from the Derwent Dams to Arbor Low, we have gained an excellent reputation for high quality workmanship.

The secret of our success? Peak performance. Also working with and listening to our customers; understanding their requirements. Plus modern designs which make the best use of space in your bathroom, cloakroom, wet room, or lavatory. For wheelchair users or people with limited mobility, we can also make your dream bathroom possible, complete with the required modifications.

Whether you want a traditional or cutting edge design, we can help you. All of our bathroom fixtures and fittings are carefully sourced from well known manufacturers. Manufacturers like BristanIdeal StandardArmitage Shanks, and Villeroy and Boch.

If you have designs on your dream bathroom, why not talk to us? We can discuss your requirements at a time to suit you and offer you a free no-obligation quote. Call us on 0114 258 6372 or send us an email via sales@bespokebathroomsolutions.co.uk. We shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Peak District image by Marcin Wos (via Shutterstock).

Avoiding Hard Water Stains in Your Bathroom

How to stop hard water from spoiling your bathroom

Bespoke Bathroom Solutions, as you may already know, covers both the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire boundaries. This is where most of our clientele hail from, an area stretching from Swadlincote to Silkstone; or Glossop to Bolsover. If you travel between Yorkshire and Derbyshire, you will notice some difference in your water. In Slaithwaite for example, the water is softer than in Chesterfield. Hard water is characterised by its difference in taste and the residue it leaves in your bathroom.

Hard water seeps into underground springs, after permeating the rocks. On reaching your water supply, its limestone particles become limescale whilst warmed up. This leads to the furring of your kettle, and a residue around your plugholes. Soft water stays on the surface, as it is unable to penetrate the rocks, particularly on granite.

In our area, most of Derbyshire has hard water, whereas South Yorkshire veers from having moderately hard to very hard water. Geology determines how hard our water is; in Derbyshire, it is the limestone of the White Peak which plays a great part. It is harder still as we get to Doncaster and other more easterly parts of Yorkshire.

In your bathroom, hard water can leave limescale film around your sink, shower, or bath plughole. It can leave a brown ring around your cistern. To wipe away the brown ring, a couple of dental tablets and a going over with the toilet brush helps. Equal parts of water and white vinegar is good for cleaning sinks, bath tubs, and shower tubs.

If you opted to clean your bath with neat white vinegar (or the part water/part vinegar solution), please be careful and clean around the affected area. Especially as too much of its use would strip the enamel off your bath. To be on the safe side, buy a limescale removal product. Compare similar products on the market or ask your friends, neighbours or family for recommendations.

Bathroom cleaning image by Tolikoff Photography (via Shutterstock).

Bizarre Bathroom Facts

A selection of bizarre facts about your bathroom, or anything to do with bathrooms in general

There are several things we take for granted about our bathroom. Sometimes over a drink with friends, instead of talking gibberish over the football or the latest smash hit TV series. Or when you least expect it, typically on the lavatory or stood in the shower.

In our latest post, we have a selection of bizarre bathroom facts. If you ever wondered how long the average bathtub is, or why science fiction has inspired cleaning products, this is the post for you.


Asking about the length of your bathtub is seldom a dinner table conversation topic. Length and width varies by country. On our shores, the average length is 5’ 6” (or 1,700 mm if you prefer the metric system with a width of 700 mm).


Its depth depends on the country you live in, varying from the standard depth of 14 to 17 inches. In the UK and mainland Europe, 18 inches is the norm. If you like your bathtubs deeper, have a Japanese or Greek style bath: they are 22 inches at their deepest point.


On its UK launch in 1958, another company used the Mr Clean name. So Proctor and Gamble decided to call it Flash. The name might refer to its ability to clean surfaces quickly. Or, it is more likely that Flash was inspired by Alex Raymond’s Sci-Fi character, Flash Gordon. In the original films, shown in cinemas as a supporting feature till the 1960s, the titular hero was played by Buster Crabb.


Long before showers became a regular feature in our bathrooms, the shower was invented by William Feetham in 1767.

Bathroom image by Photographee.eu (via Shutterstock).