Avoiding Hard Water Stains in Your Bathroom

How to stop hard water from spoiling your bathroom

Bespoke Bathroom Solutions, as you may already know, covers both the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire boundaries. This is where most of our clientele hail from, an area stretching from Swadlincote to Silkstone; or Glossop to Bolsover. If you travel between Yorkshire and Derbyshire, you will notice some difference in your water. In Slaithwaite for example, the water is softer than in Chesterfield. Hard water is characterised by its difference in taste and the residue it leaves in your bathroom.

Hard water seeps into underground springs, after permeating the rocks. On reaching your water supply, its limestone particles become limescale whilst warmed up. This leads to the furring of your kettle, and a residue around your plugholes. Soft water stays on the surface, as it is unable to penetrate the rocks, particularly on granite.

In our area, most of Derbyshire has hard water, whereas South Yorkshire veers from having moderately hard to very hard water. Geology determines how hard our water is; in Derbyshire, it is the limestone of the White Peak which plays a great part. It is harder still as we get to Doncaster and other more easterly parts of Yorkshire.

In your bathroom, hard water can leave limescale film around your sink, shower, or bath plughole. It can leave a brown ring around your cistern. To wipe away the brown ring, a couple of dental tablets and a going over with the toilet brush helps. Equal parts of water and white vinegar is good for cleaning sinks, bath tubs, and shower tubs.

If you opted to clean your bath with neat white vinegar (or the part water/part vinegar solution), please be careful and clean around the affected area. Especially as too much of its use would strip the enamel off your bath. To be on the safe side, buy a limescale removal product. Compare similar products on the market or ask your friends, neighbours or family for recommendations.

Bathroom cleaning image by Tolikoff Photography (via Shutterstock).

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