A Bit of Toilet Humour

A selection of toilet based funnies, some of which lost in translation

The Daily Mail’s website, Mail Online, is a valuable source of bizarre stories as well as the usual stuff from Lord Rothermere’s tabloid. Lately, we have come across this article in Mail Online’s travel section. A collection of signs which scream ‘toilet humour’ in excelsis.

Here’s a selection of our favourite ones:

  • Seen on an Asian toilet sign: ‘Strictly prohibited to stamp on the toilet.’
  • In the American Embassy in Tokyo: ‘Lavatory. It has separated to the male and the woman. Don’t mistake.’
  • Instead of Out of Order, a toilet sign read: ‘This toilet has been bad. Please stop using!’
  • For details on how to flush your toilet: ‘Toilet button is on your back side’.

To see the article in full, and the pictures, go straight to the Mail Online article here. Can you think of any better examples of toilet humour? Feel free to comment.

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