Bizarre Bathroom Facts

A selection of bizarre facts about your bathroom, or anything to do with bathrooms in general

There are several things we take for granted about our bathroom. Sometimes over a drink with friends, instead of talking gibberish over the football or the latest smash hit TV series. Or when you least expect it, typically on the lavatory or stood in the shower.

In our latest post, we have a selection of bizarre bathroom facts. If you ever wondered how long the average bathtub is, or why science fiction has inspired cleaning products, this is the post for you.

1. How long is the average bathtub?

Asking about the length of your bathtub is seldom a dinner table conversation topic. Length and width varies by country. On our shores, the average length is 5’ 6” (or 1,700 mm if you prefer the metric system with a width of 700 mm).

2. How deep is the average bathtub?

Its depth depends on the country you live in, varying from the standard depth of 14 to 17 inches. In the UK and mainland Europe, 18 inches is the norm. If you like your bathtubs deeper, have a Japanese or Greek style bath: they are 22 inches at their deepest point.

3. Why is Flash cleaner called Flash?

On its UK launch in 1958, another company used the Mr Clean name. So Proctor and Gamble decided to call it Flash. The name might refer to its ability to clean surfaces quickly. Or, it is more likely that Flash was inspired by Alex Raymond’s Sci-Fi character, Flash Gordon. In the original films, shown in cinemas as a supporting feature till the 1960s, the titular hero was played by Buster Crabb.

4. Who invented the shower?

Long before showers became a regular feature in our bathrooms, the shower was invented by William Feetham in 1767.

Bespoke Bathroom Solutions , 30 August 2017.

Bathroom image by (via Shutterstock).

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